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Best Scrubs for Sweating

Healing Hands HH Works scrubs is our #1 choice for medical professionals who tend to overheat when providing the high level of patient care we know you provide to your patients everyday.  We know you are on your feet running all day caring for your patients and you deserve the latest in fabric technology in [...]

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Best scrub pants for tall women

The way your scrubs fit can make or break the way you feel and how comfortable you are at work. That goes for not only the cut of the item and how loose or tight it is, but also the length of the pants. While some individuals may not be too picky with how long [...]

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Elastic Ankle Scrub Pants

Like all fashion trends, joggers have officially made their way into the medical industry. This new trend is popular with both women and men Everyone is asking for elastic ankle scrub pants! At Scrub Identity, we live for style and helping our customers create their fashion identities. Because of this we have created a list [...]

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​Can you wear compression socks at night?

If you are someone that is frequently on their feet for hours at a time, compression socks are the socks for you! Compression socks are to be worn to help apply some additional pressure to your lower legs and ankles, which in turn will help promote blood flow in your lower body. They help to reduce swelling and venous [...]

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Figure Flattering Scrubs

The first step to finding the perfect fit to scrubs is finding the right size for your body. Depending on the brand of scrubs and the material, they will tend to run differently in sizing. Choosing the right fit can be difficult but taking your measurements will help. On our website we have the perfect tools [...]

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​What is the Best Stethoscope for a Nursing Student?

Being a new nursing student can be overwhelming, especially for finding a good stethoscope. There are so many options and all are great for different reasons. You have probably not had much experience using a stethoscope at that point in your life; therefore you may not even know where to start.For starters, Littmann is one of [...]

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How should a lab coat fit?

A lab coat is a staple in the medical industry. As a professional, your lab coat should fit properly and showcase your achievements. When assessing whether or not a lab coat is fitting properly, there are a few things to look for.ShouldersThe first fit aspect to look at is the shoulders. The shoulder seams of the [...]

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What kind of stethoscope is best for a paramedic?

It can be easy to trust the cardiac monitor in your aid car, but the truth is, in case of a power outage, power insufficiency, or other unforeseen event, a stethoscope will be your most reliable piece of life-saving equipment. Not relying on battery power or electricity, a stethoscope is a simple but essential tool [...]

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Best Lab Coat Length for Medical Students

The white coat significance was created on tradition. The white coat stands for 'professionalism and integrity'. While 97% of medical schools have a white coat ceremony, there are no set rules in the healthcare system regarding white coat length. Typically, medical students wear white coats at hip length or an “examination” coat. After completion of medical school when they [...]

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Soft Stretchy Scrubs

CherokeeAs a leader in the scrub industry, it is no surprise Cherokee makes the list of soft stretchy scrubs!Infinity Cherokee Infinity has become one of Cherokee’s most popular brands. Infinity is a modern styling with fit-to-flatter detailing that offers performance and fit, comfort and functionality. Infinity is a growing collection offering three tops and four [...]

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