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How to Replace Stethoscope Tubing…Is it Worth it?

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Wear and tear is normal and something that we all deal with on a daily basis with most, if not all of our belongings. Healthcare workers are no exception with the long shifts & demanding patient care they deliver day after day. One of the questions we get time after time from healthcare workers in our specialty store is on the instrument used by medical professionals over & over the stethoscope. Should you replace your stethoscope tubing when it goes bad? Is the time & expertise it takes to repair along with the investment in parts worth the risk of having a less than perfect instrument that is critical in providing patient care?

By replacing the tubing on your stethoscope, you are removing the bonding component that was holding the original tubing and parts together. With new tubing, you may be receiving the shiny new look and feel of a brand new stethoscope without spending the money for one, but you will no longer have the same bonding within the tubing from the manufacturer. This could potentially affect the hearing quality of your stethoscope, something that no one wants! While some sites will have tubing that can be purchased for you to install your own new tubing on your stethoscope, it is not recommended by many professionals & we don’t recommend this in our specialty store either.

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