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​What mmHg compression socks should nurses wear?

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It’s not uncommon for nurses to work 12 hours on a shift, not get lunch, or barely even a break & these patient warriors do this all while spending more time on their feet than almost any other profession. Leg fatigue & pain are not uncommon for these medical professionals. Good shoes are critical to fight leg pain but one of the best underutilized weapons a nurse can wear to fight leg pain & fatigue is compression socks. One of the questions we always get in our store is what mmHg should nurses wear in compression socks?

First we need to understand what mmHg is? mmHg stands for millimeters of Mercury. This measurement is used to measure pressure. Since gradient compression hosiery exert a gradually decreasing amount of pressure up the leg, this unit of measure helps express the amount of pressure the wearer will feel.

If the mmHg is too low all the potential benefits you are trying to achieve will not be realized: An increase in circulation leading to fewer varicose veins, reduction in swelling because they can help prevent blood from pooling below the ankle & the graduated compression helping reduce leg fatigue. For this reason we have seen most of our nurses in our specialty store decide to wear the 15-20mmHg compression. This level provides just enough pressure around your lower extremities to where you will still feel comfortable but have the pressure needed to provide the benefits above.

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