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Scrub Options for a Dressy Look

Do you work in a medical office where you are required to wear scrubs, but are not a doctor or nurse? Do you work in a dental office where you are required to wear a polo or dress shirt and want a comfortable pant to complete your office look? At Scrub Identity, we get frequent requests for more non-traditional [...]

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Outfit your office ... Scrubs for Groups!

As diverse as your staff is, so too are their tastes, styles, and body types. For that reason, Scrub Identity offers collections of medical scrubs to ensure that there’s a brand and fit to make everyone on your staff comfortable and allow them to express their style. You want those who work so hard to take care of others [...]

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Scrub Embroidery... It's All About Your Identity.

With millions of health professionals wearing scrubs to work on a daily basis, it can be difficult to stand out. Aside from fabric patterns or logos that help you show your personality, Scrub Identity offers embroidery for nurses and doctors’ scrubs. We help you make standard scrubs your own with a number of creative options. Whether your top is [...]

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Major League Baseball Scrubs

MLB Scrubs, Cubs Scrubs, and Giants ScrubsIn an industry where your career is patient focused, scrubs with personality say a little about you by helping you to express your personality. Just in time for baseball season, Scrub Identity is proud to offer MLB scrubs. America’s favorite pastime and professionals in one of America’s most important industries combine. Now you [...]

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​Be the Super Hero you've always dreamed to be!

Many people have been exposed to Super Hero’s since growing up and in your deepest thoughts; you may have wanted to be one yourself! Well, an opportunity has presented itself with Scrub Identity and this is because you are now able to become the Super Hero you’ve always wanted to be! Scrub Identity has ventured into the world of [...]

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A New Shopping Experience for Nurses and Doctors in Indianapolis

Calling all Doctors and Nurses, A new shopping experience is coming to Indianapolis!  Scrub Identity is an upscale medical uniforms retailer committed to delivering a unique selection of medical scrubs, lab coats, medical instruments, shoes & accessories to provide our customers a real identity in a profession that has traditionally been difficult to express personal style. Our wide array of [...]

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Do My Women's Nurse Scrubs Fit Right?

Women’s nurse scrubs are the uniform of highly trained professionals and as such, should look professional but that is not always the easiest thing to do with clothes that have a basic cut to them. We’ve put our brains together and come up with a few tips to get you looking like the professional you [...]

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A New Kind of Protection For You And Your Scrubs

Don't settle for a pair of typical nurse scrubs, a fashion forward collection of Antimicrobial scrubs is now available. The Code Happy collection with Certainty by Cherokee is an athletically inspired collection that will protect you against unwanted bacteria, yeast and algae while minimizing odors. In addition, the modern styling and innovative design details will keep you looking and [...]

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Women’s Scrubs to Brighten Your Day

When a nurse goes to work they know they will wear many hats during the day; they perform sensitive medical procedures, she/he acts as a therapist, a confessor and of course, a giver of care and comfort. Making others comfortable is easier if you are comfortable yourself and we carry WonderWink stretch men’s and women’s [...]

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