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Best Plus Size Scrubs

Posted by Autumn Hopper on

Finding plus size scrubs can be frustrating if you are not looking in the right places. Finding the right places to look can be just as frustrating if you do not know where those places are. Luckily at Scrub Identity we are happy to help you find the perfect fitting scrubs.

Disclaimer : At the bottom of this article we mention a plus size specific line, WonderWink Plus. However, like we all know, one line of scrubs will not fit every size and shape. Below we discuss things to consider when shopping for scrubs to fit curvy figures!

In the scrub world, there is almost no such thing as plus size scrubs. However, scrub tops and pants do come in an array of sizes. Many brands manufacture scrubs from size XXS to size 5XL. Therefore, if you are looking for plus size scrubs do not over look these options, because they just might be the best options for you!

After finding a brand that has your size, and that you are considering for purchase, here are three things to be aware of :

 1. Junior Fit: Junior Fit is a confusing description when it comes to shopping for scrubs. If you see junior fit on the label of a potential scrub option, it could mean a few things. It can truly be describing the fit is smaller (junior), and you should either go up a size or continue looking for a better option. Or it could be a selling ploy, attracting women to feel they are fitting “junior” sizes. This isn’t always the case, but to make the smartest purchase, we recommend looking for an option that does not say junior fit.

2. Unisex: Unisex scrubs are designed to be suitable for both sexes. This is a good thing! If you have been in the purchasing process for a while and researching the scrub options, do not disregard unisex. Many brands manufacture scrubs that size up to 5XL in tops and bottoms. If you are a woman and find a women’s 3XL is to small and the 4XL is too big, consider a unisex 3XL. It might be the perfect fit for you. If you are finding that a women’s 5XL is to small, check out a unisex 5XL, most likely the unisex 5XL will be the slightest bit bigger. This could make all the difference.

3. Men’s: To the women reading this article, do not shop men’s thinking it will fit larger. A lot of times men’s scrub pants will have a built-in-zipper and belt loops for the optional belt. Therefore, before purchasing men’s scrubs, be sure there isn’t a better option and there aren’t any special details on the scrubs to accommodate men’s needs.

When shopping for plus size scrubs you should also take fabric into consideration. Most common fabric combinations:

  • COTTON BLEND | 55% Cotton, 42% Polyester, 3% Spandex Twil
  • POLY BLEND | 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
  • TRI-BLEND | 72% Polyester, 21% Rayon, 7% Spandex

Fabric is a personal preference. If you have worn scrubs before, you probably have a good idea of what fabric combinations you like. If you have never worn scrubs before or are interested in something new, here are a few things to consider:

Typically cotton scrubs come in the largest size ranges. It is very common to find cotton scrubs up to 5XL. Often, poly blend and tri-blend only go up to 3X, but not always. From the three fabrics mentioned, poly blend tends to have more stretch compared to tri-blend and cotton blend.

Above are great tips to find the best plus size scrubs.

There is a brand that makes a plus size specific line. WonderWink Plus is new line launched in Summer 2017. Made of 100% polyester, WonderWink Plus offers two pant options: a boot cut pant and a flare leg pant and three top options: two v-neck tops and one mock-wrap top.

“At Scrub Identity, we believe every person deserves their own identity, and work to serve doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals, in our Indianapolis store and online, by offering unique style choices for scrubs, allowing our customers to make a “WOW” impression that will not soon be forgotten.”